Lucent bought Lucent wire from us.
Panasonic bought a Panasonic phone system from us.


Save Half on most "keystone" jack inserts and plates.
CLICK started as a source of telecom connectivity products and advice for do-it-yourselfers. Because of our large selection, fast shipping and competitive pricing, we've become a major supplier for commercial, educational, medical, hospitality, government and military customers.

You can buy with confidence. We've been in business for over 35 years. Customers include the FBI, Air Force Communications Squadrons, Apple, Microsoft, David's Bridal, HP, IBM, Allstate, Yale, New York City and ExxonMobil. We've even supplied phone equipment for a nuclear submarine, the U.S. Capitol and the White House. CLICK to see a list of some of our customers, and read their comments.

We sell important brands such as ABC, Aines, AllenTel, Amp, Amphenol, Arrow, AT&T, Belden, Dymo, Eclipse, Ellis, Etcon, Fluke/Harris, GAI-tronics, GMP, HD Telecom, Hubbell, ICC, ITW, Ideal, JDSU/Test-um, Jonard, Klein, Leviton, Lucent, Panamax, Paladin, Panasonic, Platt, Siemon, Superior Essex, Suttle, Systimax, Tempo/Progressive, T & B, 3M and Viking; as well as unique products we've developed ourselves. We are independent, and are free to recommend and sell what's best for our customers, not just the products of a parent company.

You can order online 24/7/365, or call us toll-free from 8 a.m. until 6 p.m. (eastern time) Monday - Thursday, and 8 to 5 on Friday. The prices are the same whether you talk or type.

Please click on "Doing business with us" at left before ordering. It's important. If you're not sure what you need, or can't find what you need, please call 1.888.225.3999 or email. You can buy with MasterCard, Visa, American Express, Discover, PayPal or government purchase order; or send a check in advance.

FREE SHIPPING with most purchases.


98% of orders are shipped on the day they are placed.
Dep't of Defense CAGE Code: 1TGC2

We've sold Lucent products to Lucent, a Panasonic phone system to Panasonic and wire to Verizon Wireless. We've bought from Graybar and Black Box, and sold to Graybar and Black Box. Life is strange.


Here's how patch cables should have always been made

Our new and unique Cat5e RJ45 patch cables have molded-on boots that maintain the proper 60-degree bend radius to minimize stress on the connections, and provide a neater patch panel installation. FIVE COLORS. CLICK

We are a CERTIFIED DEALER for Panasonic's advanced KX-TDA50G, KX-TDA100, KX-TDA200, KX-TDE100 and KX-TDE200 digital - IP phone systems.
We provide full documentation and programming software. We support do-it-yourselfers.

Don't be a wire slob. Get a Dymo Rhino labeler.

If your installations look like junk piles, or if you can't tell if a scribble is a 3 or an 8 or a 5, you need a Dymo Rhino label printer. It will make your work look better and go faster, and help you avoid stupid mistakes. Affordable. Four models. CLICK

Fluke Networks tools and testers

The fantastic buttsets (butt sets), punchdown tools, cable testers and tool kits that used to come from Dracon and Harris, now come from Fluke. We've added products and cut prices. CLICK

New Fluke buttset has display & more! Does work of lots of testers. LCD screen has easy-to-read menus. Caller ID on Call Waiting, DTMF digit grabber, tone generator, talk battery. FREE SHIPPING. CLICK

With the Paladin PT-525, PowerPlay you can: Cut and strip Cat3, Cat5e, Cat6, coax, Romex and BX. ►Punch down wires. ►Cut holes in drywall. ►Replace hard drive. ►File your nails. ►Clean your teeth. ►Scare away muggers. ►Cut pizza. ►Open beer bottles. ►Screw. ►Unscrew. CLICK

Classic rotary dial phones. Show your kid how people lived before VoIP and wireless.
No Caller ID. No voicemail. No flash button. No batteries. No power cord. No MegaHertzes. No GigaHertzes. No mute button. No speaker. No redial. No memory. No headset jack. No antenna. No DTMF. No service contracts. No shipping charge in the USA. CLICK

New EnGenius cordless is SIX TIMES AS POWERFUL as the average cordless phone. ►Typical coverage: 12 floors vertically, 250,000 sq. ft. in a warehouse, 3,000 acres on a farm, ranch, or campus. ►Also works as full-duplex walkie-talkie. Up to 32 lines and 90 handsets. Third generation has many advances. Rugged & water-resistant. Headset jack. Vibrate mode. Intercom & paging announcements. Optional external antenna. CLICK

Books by the Chief Geek: Learn about phone systems, phone services, phone add-ons and just plain phones. Jacks, wiring, troubleshooting, VoIP, DSL, T1, POTS, USOC, RBOCs, SLCs, networking. Buying tips. Product reviews. Everything you need to know. Great for buyers, sellers and users. CLICK

JAWS -- world's most intimidating mod plug crimper. Only the most macho of phone geeks can handle this powerful tool. Former Governator Ah-nold would love it. Comes with 5 sets of dies for different plug sizes, plus stripper, punchtool with 66 & 110 blades, 75 plugs FREE SHIPPING. CLICK

Personal Pizza Hotline Phone. This is the ultimate status symbol for a college dorm or fraternity, and a great "power tool" for office, garage or basement. Also good for your lodge or club, the kitchen or break room at work, or anywhere hungry guys hang out. If you put it in the kitchen at home, it might encourage your spouse to cook more. CLICK

Booted telecom patch cords are much better than ordinary line cords for patch panels; and are also good for test equipment, modems and other applications. 4-Wire plugs. Strain relief with "bump" to protect plug clip. CLICK

Jack inserts in 11 COLORS. Cat3, Cat5e, Cat6. Save on 10-packs.

Phones and Phone Systems at AbleComm

"98% of orders shipped same day" does not include orders placed on weekends or holidays or custom-made items.

Last Update: 25 FEB 2015


We've been recommended in the Telecommunications Industry Association instructor's guide; and we earned the highest FIVE STAR rating for "top service" and "superlative quality" from Yahoo. PC Magazine said our main website is "indispensable."

We've sold enough cross-connect wire to knit a warm sweater for King Kong. One, two or three pairs, now in NINE DELICIOUS FLAVORS. CLICK

Website for phone cords.

Get a punchdown tool with a headlight.
Never miss a clip, or double-punch, again. 66 or 110 blades. Has pick, spudger, mini driver, & 10-year warranty. CLICK

SAVE MORE THAN HALF on HDMI audio/video cables for plasma or LCD HDTVs. CLICK

Phone & video wiring center
for up to 4 lines, 12 phones, 8 TVs. CLICK

We have a huge selection of pro-quality video tools, testers, connectors, splitters, amplifiers, and cable. CLICK

Presidential Hot Line Phone will make folks think you're important; or give it to someone important to you. Made in USA, of course. FREE SHIPPING. CLICK

CSI-style tool case. Get more respect and never lose your tools. CLICK

WE GOT 'EM: phone and data jacks from Systimax (they work with AT&T, Lucent, Avaya).
WE GOT 'EM: phone and data jacks from Hubbell.

Multimedia cable tester from Ideal tests phone, data and video wiring. Large LCD display. Tone generator. Voltage warning. Remote unit for distant end of cable. CLICK